Packages & Prices

The Mini Valet

The Mini Valet offers a great vehicle refresh, at a fantastic price! This package is ideal for those who havent got tons of spare time, but are in need of a quick 'in & out'. Completion time 1.5/2hours. 

The Full Valet

The Happy Valet is the most popular of all the packages available at Happy Valets, and for good reason too! This will leave your car feeling fresh and clean once again, with a longer time spent on the interior than 'the mini valet', you can be sure of some great results from this package. Completion time 2/3hours.

The Detail

The Happy Detail is a fantastic value for money 'Detail' type package, with deep cleans involved all around the interior and a hand polish, trust us to leave your vehicle looking and more importantly feeling brand new again with 'The Happy Detail'. Completion time 3/4hours.

The Full Interior

The Full Interior Valet is a very popular package, perfect for when you have just been on holiday, and your interior is in need of a refresh. This package includes a selection of deep cleans, including steering wheel, doors cards and carpets. Completion time 2/3 hours.

The Full Exterior

Been rally driving recently? Is your exterior looking like a farmers tractor? The full exterior is perfect for when your exterior is in need, of some serious tlc. Comes with a full decontamintation & Machine Polish. Completion time 2/3 hours.

The Quick Exterior

If you are in a hurry to get your car washed safely & professionally, call in for 'The Quarter Mile'. This is a package only for the people short of time, and in need of a trusted pair of hands to clean their pride & joy. Completion time 1/1.5 hours

The Happy Reset

The Happy Reset is certainly a package made for the car lovers, and enthusiasts out there. This level of exterior cleaning will take your vehicle to the next level. Package offers a wheel ceramic coating with none other than G Techniq, which prevents any corrosion or damage to the alloys finish. Underbody degreased & Jet washed. Completion time 5 hours.

The Happy Valet Experience

This is the first package introduced to the Happy Valets roster, with other jet washing services included. This won't just leave your car sparkling again, but will give the front of your home a new lease of life! Sit back, relax, and let us transform your front drive. Completion time 10 hours.

Optional Extras

Here are our selection of optional extras that we offer here at Happy Valets. These offer more specialised services such as scratch removal, and will benefit those who require a little more with their car cleaning package. Prices subjective to individual quote.

The Stage One Paint Enhancement

If what you're after is a fantastic finish on your paint at a great price, then the Happy Stage one, is the one for you! Including a mini valet this package is an affordable solution  to your paint enhancement needs. At Happy Valets we pride ourselves on the high quality products we use, for this machine polish we opt for Maguire's Ultimate Polish, which boasts the depth and gloss it can bring to your paintwork! Also Includes a Headlight polish and seal. Completion time 2/3 hours.

The Stage Two Paint Correction

So you've decided to go all the way then? Well be prepared because this package leaves no exterior stone unturned, We begin the correction process by stripping your bodywork of all protection, then quickly getting to work on decontaminating the vehicle of iron, tar and glue etc. Our DA Machine Polisher is then used alongside a high quality cutting pad and compound, to start carefully cutting back the clear coat, and removing those horrible swirls accumulated by quick hand car washes. Maguire's ultimate polish is then used to enhance the depth and gloss of the paintwork. Sealed in with Liquid wax or Ceramic spray. Includes exterior trims restored to black/grey. Completion time 4/5hours.

The Maintenance Valet

Happy Valets are proud to offer the 'Happy Valets Maintenance Plan' to all returning customers. This is an ideal service for anyone who would like their car cleaned regularly, this is available either Fortnightly or Monthly. Completion time 1/1.5hours. 

The Mechanical Valet

So you're looking for a little extra care each month with your regular maintenance cleans? This is the perfect package for you, boasting around the car checks you can be sure your car will be in tip top condition throughout the year. Starting from just £45.00 per month, your car will certainly feel the love with this service.

Exterior Monthly Maintenance Bronze


  • Exterior Safe Wash & Wax
  • Basic Wheel Clean
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Air Freshener

Exterior Monthly Maintenance Silver


  • Exterior Safe Wash & Wax
  • Deep Wheel Clean 
  • Door Sills Cleaned
  • Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Air Freshener

Exterior Monthly Maintenance Gold


  • Exterior Safe Wash & Wax
  • Deep Wheel Clean
  • Door Sills Cleaned
  • Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
  • Ceramic Spray Applied
  • Trims Restored & Maintained
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Air Freshener